Keynote Sessions Day-1
















Session Chair    : Dr Shahria Alam, UBC





Session Aid

: Tahmida Hossain Shimu and Md. Abdur Rahman












Paper Title

Authors’ Name




10:30- 11:00







Lessons Learned from Large Scale

Dr Anwar Zahid






Hurricane and Flood Risk Management

Assoc Vice President & Principal






Infrastructure Projects

Engineer, ARCADIS- US




11:30- 12:00


Designing Steel and Composite

Dr David A Nethercot






Buildings to Resist Progressive Collapse

Professor, Imperial College London,











14:30- 15:00







Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

Dr Nur Yazdani






Strengthening: Application in Concrete

Professor, The University of Texas






Bridge Infrastructure

Arlington, USA




15:00- 15:30


Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) - based

Dr Shahria Alam






Smart Structural for Safer Communities

University of British Columbia, Canada











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